Review By Bobby Green

Without honesty we have nothing, just stories. Sometimes these stories can be a joy to experience but when the truth comes knocking at your door you welcome it in with open arms, and an open heart.

How To Be Human, Imelda Kehoe’s debut album has such a raw honesty about it that it’s impossible not to embrace it with an open heart and welcome it into your life. ‘The idea of the album title ‘How to be Human came from the idea that we never quite learn How to be Human. There’s no blueprint. It is a collection songs which address, friendship, love, obsession, hope, and the every-day struggles of life. It is the opposite of introspective. It has been written with the listener at heart, but with a lot of life experiences to add to each story’. And when you listen to each story it’s like a conversation with a dear friend. As a listener you’re not kept at arm’s length but wrapped up in the journey as you slowly waltz along each melody like the stories are you own.

The album is collaborative with Singer Songwriter Michael Egan – a multi-instrumentalist with musical contacts all over. When he calls in a favour, they all say Yes.

This gave us direct access to some fabulous musicians who worked on the Album with us. We have had a lot of fun and that its still my main motivation. We already have the 2nd album in our sights. Rainbow Over London – The everyday things in life that become so precious when disaster strikes. It͛s a song, first and foremost about Love and the small things that Humans do for one another’

I can’t explain how refreshing the album sounds without all the bells and whistles that often accompany a new release. This gives focus on Imelda’s voice and the subtle simplicity of the arraignments. You don’t need bells and whistles with a voice so honest and songs so beautifully classic in their arraignment. This album really did stop me in my tracks, and I am thankful for it. How To Be Human will pull you away from where you are and place you in its very own moment. And when it leaves you too will be thankful.