Kildare duo Hvmmingbyrd released the first EP of new sounds Know My Name on October 16th. Deborah Byrne and Suzette Das reformed Hvmmingbyrd at the start of 2016 embarking on an electronic journey the culmination of which is this EP and by the sounds of things they have been having a blast.

The five tracks of alt-pop loveliness combine the duo’s harmonies from before which now weave in an out between clippy beats and atmospheric synths. Taking in a wide range of influences for this electric offering. We find elements from 90’s pop including Madonnaa, Massive Attack & Ace Of Base. There is a definite RnB affect to the EP with some pointed Destiny’s Child type “Say My Name” vibes. There are delicious 80’s dark synth backing up those harmonies and coming fully around we find more modern trap beats underpinning the tracks. That’s a fair bit of ground to cover on 5 tracks but it’s done with ease and Know My Name becomes a tightly put together EP. Both Byrne and Das had a set plan and outlook for Know My Name and have pulled it together with aplomb.

Know My Name
is available now. Hvmmingbyrd support The Young Folk October 21 in The Academy, Dublin