Review By Bobby Green

There’s something enchanting about a story teller, someone whose craft is about taking the listener somewhere, anywhere, will have me captivated every time. The stories seem to flow effortlessly from Ian Whitty but the records, Ian admits, seem to be less of a free flowing experience but more of a labour of love.

‘Making a record is a genuinely difficult thing to do, simply put its easier to make a mess of it than to get it right. That said we are ready to walk away from this one feeling like we have captured something with a real identity, that we haven’t let any of the songs down and that we have challenged ourselves creatively in the process.’

With Cash Crop you do get a sense that you have been invited onto the fabric of the very pages of Ian’s story book. And this rich intimacy is what gives Cash Crop its magic. Every track gives you everything it possibly can, it sounds like nothing was left behind in the whole creative process from the concept and writing to the overall feel and production. There’s something to be said for taking your time over the things you care about, and this applies to the listener too. So many times in this digital age we are all too ready to flick to the next track. With Cash Crop you’ll feel like you’ve left something unfinished if you leave early or go to flick through it.

Ernest Hemmingway once said “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” But sometimes you can drown as the writer hemorrhages false blood upon your stereo. Ian Whitty is a great story teller, so yes there is blood, but with the sharpness of these great stories on this album you have to be careful to not spill any yourself as each track has a crisp uniqueness to it, but is undoubtedly a chapter from Cash Crop. This isn’t just a collection of songs put together for an album. Cash Crop is alive with feelings, emotions and truth. That’s why it’s a great album, the meticulous way it was written and recorded gives Cash Crop an honesty truly appreciated by this listener.

Cash Crop is set for release November 11 and you can pre-order here