I reviewed the lead single from RewsCan You Feel it” when it was released in October and I was struck by the powerful presence of the two girls both on track and in the video. So when I got the opportunity to chat to them about what 2016 holds I was only too stoked. And, seeing as I have predicted big things for these two ladies I have a lot riding on this.
It was in speaking to them that I was reminded of the correlation between music and writing where the nuance of language becomes important. For instance, Shauna Tohill and Colette Williams met through mutual friends after both had moved to London to pursue music. As they are women would it be fair to say it was a serendipitous meeting compared to if they were guys would I write that it was just good luck? Is it powerful that two women have taken on heavy rock music as their genre or are they just two talented musicians? And here is where nuance and impression become important in how women in music are represented?
I become even more aware of this as I stumble over a line of questioning where if they were to be sensitive might be seen as misogynistic? Definitely wasn’t my intention, I just got a little star struck. Just because you may only be hearing about Rews now doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to be impressed by. Shauna Tohill has been featured by Discover NI as well as touring with Snow Patrol and Darwin Deez while Colette Williams has worked with Gabrielle Aplin. Shauna has a love for 90’s grunge including Nirvana as well as Nine Inch Nails and Katy Perry. “I love music from that time it’s just seems really fun and honest and I think music has lost that a bit for money”, says Shauna. As for Katy Perry, “I saw her film and was just really impressed by her honesty”, she answers. Colette however loves 80’s rock and 90’s house stuff, “anything with a breakbeat”, she adds. They met in London having both recently moved there after being in bands back home. Tohill had already written their next four singles but she was determined to meet an awesome musician to take part in the collaboration. A friend told her to check out Williams. “She stalked me on-line”, says Colette, “but it happened at a great time where I was also looking for someone to play with and to help me pay rent.”
Having released their debut single “Can You Feel It”, in October Rews are about to release a four part video series based on those initial four songs written by Shauna. “While all the videos are individual they still retain a visual experience and shared filmography”, says Shauna. There is a shared vein that runs through all four videos. “They show us performing and act to highlight how female musicians don’t get the credit they deserve”, she adds. The four singles include tracks “Running Against The Wall”, “Death Yawn”, “Shake Shake” and “Let Your Life Unfold” on which you can hear 90’s pop synths, grunge and alternative rock as well as a little Natalie Imbruglia. For a group who seem to just be coming onto our radar they highly organised. “The videos are already recorded and we can’t wait to release them. But we have to sit here and just be giddy with anticipation and let it happen”, says Collete. “I do feel a bit impatient to get them out there but Rome wasn’t built in a day”, explains Shauna. “When I came to London I felt like before I hadn’t planned enough and I just wanted to have a better plan and give people what I would have expected them to have”, she adds. That is not to say that things are all serious and heavy in the Rews camp. “The video series is a creative story and performance where we wanted to show that we are passionate about what we do”, says Colette. “We also wanted to have fun”, adds Shauna. Looking through the band’s facebook, twitter and soundcloud accounts you will find plenty of evidence of their commitment to all things music as well as them having a blast. And I think that’s an important aspect to take away from this collaboration, they want to enjoy the music they are creating and getting to speak to them proves they would be mighty craic on a night out!
And that’s my next point! They have an intensely creative connection. Every moment possesses the possibility of inspiration for them. Having just flown over to Dublin from London on what was not exactly the calmest of days Shauna recounts a comment made by Colette mid “scary” flight. “She said, “It’s always great when you are above the clouds because it’s always sunny”, and it just sounds like a line straight out of a song so that’s something we are going to work with”, she says. Not only that but as we are talking about music and inspiration Shauna mentions how she recently listened to the Ginuwine song “Pony”, “that’s a wicked track”, she adds. “Oh we should definitely do a cover of that”, says Colette. Keep an ear out folks you heard it here first!
Expect the first of the four part single series to be released in the New Year while an album is also in the works and pencilled in for late 2016/2017, (highly organised indeed!). There is further recording scheduled for January as well Irish dates in mid-February 2016. “We will be connecting on a live base, meeting people, introducing ourselves and earning our stripes”, say the two. In the meantime check our Rews on www.rewsmusic.com, www.facebook.com/wearerewsmusic, @rewsmusic