The wizardry of Jörg Widmann has already resulted in some incredible performances from the Irish Chamber Orchestra and November, is no exception. Widmann conducts the ICO in SPOTLIGHT, a trio of concerts in Ireland which comes to Cork on Friday November 16 at CIT School of Music in association with Cork Orchestra Society) 

Clarinetist, composer and conductor Jörg Widmann is one of the most versatile and intriguing artists of his generation. His music is adventurous and full of vitality and although he may not be as celebrated as Schoenberg or Boulez, he has a catalogue of works and prestigious commissions that can stand proudly alongside such illustrious composers.

In SPOTLIGHTWidmann steps back as composer and clarinetist, putting the spotlight on another ICO commission 2018:2 by his mentee Sebastian Adams, a young composer and viola player.  2018:2 explores the possibilities of the individuals in the orchestra as much as the instruments they play. Puccini’s Chrysanthemums is always a charmer, a brief elegy steeped in emotional intensity. Johann Stamitz revolutionized the language of music and made Mannheim the centre of the musical avant-garde of his times. His pioneering Clarinet Concerto, fresh and exhilarating, places ICO clarinettist, Katherine Spencer very much in the spotlight, demonstrating the capabilities of her artistry and her instrument.  Finally, Tchaikovsky’s heartfeltSerenade for Strings, one of his finest and most enduring works, closes the programme.

Jörg Widmann (conductor) 

Katherine Spencer (clarinet)

Curtis Auditorium 

CIT Cork School of Music

Friday November 16, 2018, 8.00pm

€25 | €20(conc) | €15 & €10 (COS members) | €5 (students)

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