Maybe I grew up listening to too much American Indie/Rock, (and got the slagging for it as I decided to hang out with metalheads), and if that is the case so has Jimmy Moore aka James Or as he gets sets to release his debut EP “Cold Open”. And he makes a very good point about how good a genre it is.

Only in Indie rock could you write lyrics like…”I heard your glory of god // your faith // and in spite of your flaws // that I // wanted to stay // and bury my face // in your body’s land // in every inch of your thighs // in every part of your intellect” and make it sound sweet. Only Indie/Rock would let you open with a killer guitar riff with twinkling piano hiding shyly behind it. And only James Or would continue to demonstrate his sense of humour, lyrics aside, with a twinkling piano sign off out of the blue. This is our first taste of what to expect from his debut EP and I cannot wait to hear whats next.

The EP “Cold Open” is out July 1st

“Cold Open” will be officially launched July 7th in The Oliver Plunkett, Cork