“Floating” put Jape on the tip on many Irish tongues back in 2007. God 2007! Well he’s back fresh with new material from his current home in Sweden. That crisp air must have certainly inspired him because you can hear it in the sonic beats of his new track “The Heart’s Desire”. Sounding not too far away from the track that launched him but with a fun 80’s twist, extra vocals and some treble elements this track sounds fuller and yet streamlined. Like it was vacuumed packed into great Indie-popness. Looking forward to hearing more!

Jape will be joined by Villagers for two special Meteor Choice 10th Anniversary gigs. They along with a third act will play Cyprus Avenue, Cork Nov 23rd and Roisin Dubh, Galway Nov 24th. The shortlist for The Meteor Choice Award will be announced January 7th, 2015 with the winner announced March 8th, 2015.

Expect the release of Jape’s fifth album My Chemical Sea January 2015