Richie Walsh’s solo project John Of Silence is no one trick pony. The O Emperor bassist began his new project early in the summer but already he is showing some serious music chops.

His debut single “No Lie” was a funky affair but new single “Leaves Of Love” is a different beast. No one attempts this lightly and few succeed to do it well but “Leaves Of Love” is full to the brim with Beatles references and influence. And it’s not in my head, watching it on Youtube the follow up recommendations were Simon and Garfunkel and John Lennon. There is a wonderful nostalgia to the track with a 70’s sax moment and the string arrangement. Yet there is a contemporary feel with some Silverchair harmonic movement included (but they were also influenced by The Beatles so it’s a case of the Chicken and the Egg). All however would approve with what has been achieved here.

“Leaves of Love” is John Of Silence’s second single and will feature of the EP “New Flowers Grow” which is scheduled for release in autumn 2016.

Listen to “Leaves Of Love” below