Review by Bobby Green

For anyone who can’t afford a holiday this year the best thing for you to do would be to listen to the new EP from Joshua Burnside out on June 29th and let this award winning singer songwriter transport you away to a land of diotic experiences. Weaving elements of Irish traditional and European folk music with hints of Americana, he creates songs that are understated yet passionate and heartfelt. You are left full of emotion after these songs weave in and out of your conciseness and you can’t help but drift away with each song. Even though some of the subject matter covered on the EP is quite dark, it is so beautifully delivered causing you to wonder how something so beautiful can leave you with so many questions.

The EP features four new songs. In lead-single “A Man Of High Renown”, he blends a joyous waltz complete with air organs and accordions with often violent and disturbing imagery, dealing with the shame of sins committed in childhood; “where the dusty garage floor, along your soft skin tore.”

“Rearranged” has a more straightforward message. A self-confessed technophobe, Burnside deals with the effect of the Internet and social media on mental health in this simple finger-picked ballad recorded at home in Rostrevor.

In “Northern Winds” the full band is recruited to recreate one of Burnside’s most energetic and popular tracks. Recorded on analogue at Analogue Catalogue studios in Rathriland, Co.Down the song borrows imagery from Oscar Wilde, layering multiple vocal lines continuously and repetitively to hypnotic effect.

“Paul” is a return to the electronic experimentation of earlier works, sampling noises from the kitchen for percussion that click and crunch above a harp, distorted organs and vocoder.

This EP is so wonderfully put together, Joshua’s voice sounds diamond like with its sharpness but still as smooth as Galaxy Chocolate, it’s impossible not to be swept away not only by the sound of his voice but also with the beautiful poetry this EP holds within its 4 tracks.