“Well I’m a Gemini, I like long walks on the beach and I love Chinese food”, jokes the charismatic Tim Night from Irish band Jupe when I chat to him. Jupe are getting set for the Irish release of their single “Rocket” on October 30th.
Rocket” is one of those anthemic stadium filling tracks you would expect from the likes of One Republic and The Script. It has received acclaim across the water since its UK release in July. So why release it now in Ireland coming into what is traditionally the quiet period? “Well exactly!” says Tim, “We got such a big response in the UK when we released “Rocket” last summer we were flabbergasted! So said we’d release it here in Ireland and why not when things get a bit quieter. Strike while the irons hot and all that and get the momentum going ahead of the next single in February and then the EP”.
If it sounds like Jupe have it all planned out. They do! They signed with US label Perfection Records after their track “Across the World” from the EP of the same name became the most played track of 2013. They used this momentum along with their San Francisco based manager Chris Carlucci’s connections to get the deal. Since then they have played festivals across the UK and Ireland, including Electric Picnic, promoting their anthemic modern pop rock.
“What do you think of it?” Tim asks me. I’m dumbfounded. Does it matter what I think? Of course it does, and it matters what other reviewers and what the music press think of Jupe because Jupe are not aiming to be pop, or indie, or singer-songwriters. They want to be universal, to have their music played and appreciated worldwide. Look at their inspirations, two I already named, One Republic and The Script but also Maroon 5. More surprising on that list you will also find Kanye West. “I’m sorry where does Kanye West come into it?” I ask him. “I love hip-hop! Many of the songs are about starting in the gutter and working their way up. I love how they can make radio friendly songs while still saying the things they do. With Kanye I like how his voice is crisp and clear and he talks big. So on this record we said we wanted to talk about where we’ve been, where we are and our goals for the future. If you listen to “Flashing Lights” the beat on the track and the synths on “Rocket” are similar. I heard the track and loved how it was staggered so that’s how we brought Kanye into it”, answers Tim.
Jupe have been working with producer Billy Farrell(Ryan Sheridan, The Corrs, Brian Kennedy) and looking at their social media feed the relationship seems more friends than simply working together. “We were introduced to Billy through Gavin James’ manager actually. He’s such a nice guy and he loved what he heard. We’re good friends and play golf together now”, says Tim. Golf? Very Rock and Roll. “Ha ha ha maybe. But what’s great about Billy is that he genuinely believes in the band’s style. He’s a hit maker and obviously came in with his own ideas but he’s also open and adaptable to anything we bring to him. He knows his stuff but has no ego. This is exactly why he is amazing. He’s the most communicative producer we’ve worked with”, adds Tim.
The next single will be out in February and the Album (“which is done”) will be out mid 2016. “We want to create a bit more buzz ahead of the album’s release and maybe see if Atlantic Records come on board. That will mean more funding. So right now we’ll just ride the wave”. “Rocket” is set for release October 30th and Jupe play Whelan’s November 24th .
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