Review by Bobby Green

Kid Karate originally played ‘Redbone’ as part of a live radio session, but after performing it live they went back to the studio to record this slick remake of the Childish Gambino hit. This is a perfect follow up to their pulsating single ‘No Way’ that brought about a sense of freedom for the band with the addition of bassist Ian McFarlane.

There’s still chugging bass lines and propulsive drums that their fans expect, but at the heart of this new sound is honest song writing about how they interact with each other and a new sense of effortless groove to the music.

This reminds me a lot of when Beck gets all soulful and funky and that’s no bad thing. ‘Redbone’ is dripping with charisma and style and will have you driving around town with the windows down nodding like a pidgin, this could well be your new favourite groove.

Listen to ‘Redbone’ below