Over the last few months King Kong Company have been asked if they were making any of their tracks available for remixing. The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Rather than just sending a few folks some stems, the Waterford buzzers thought they would make things a little more interesting and have some fun while they were at it. They are going to give the best mix they hear €1,000. “We’d rather give it to you than the taxman” said Luke Abbott.

The plan is thus, the stems from two of the tracks are available from the King Kong Company website,


, download them, piece them together any way you want, and send on the results. If they like what we hear, you get one thousand quid. Yes boy!

“If you’ve ever dabbled with Ableton, twiddled some knobs in Logic, rooted around in Reaper or fiddled with some faders in ProTools, whittling away at our wavs could be something to help you while away a winters evening. We will happily embrace all manner of mix and you can have a go at both tracks if you’re up for it. Subtract whatever you feel like losing and add anything you can squash in. It can be a straight reworking of the stems prepared by our buddy Neil McLellan, an industrial-hardcore-gabba-céilí concoction, an Enya inspired New-Age ambient downer (we dare you!) or whatever you’re having yourself. Take the individual elements of each track and rearrange them into something new. A warning though, if you manage to create something better than we have ourselves, we will promptly destroy it and you” adds Abbott.

All eleven members of the King Kong Crew are going to have their say in this thing and the groups social media followers will cast the twelfth vote. “This will probably involve us having a family row, making difficult decisions usually does” said Luke Abbott.

The deadline for submitting mixes is Sunday January 1st and the group will announce the recipient of the inaugural King Kong Company Buzzers Bursary on Tuesday January 31st. “Getting a mix to a standard that impresses the King Kong Massive isn’t going to be easy, this isn’t like buying a raffle ticket for a tin of USA Biscuits, you’ll need some skills, so we’re not expecting a lot of people to throw their hat into the ring, but we are expecting a few and we’re excited to hear what will happen” the band say.

If you know somebody who might be able for this, make sure to let them know (and ask them for a cut of the cash).

Over the coming weeks King Kong Company will be posting some of the best mixes on their social media channels, keep sketch and check out


for full details.

Have Fun and Good Luck!