They say never start a sentence with a number, so, 2015 sees a continuation of long awaited releases, a trend that started back in 2014, from well loved acts. My compiled list of Best/Favourite albums is in no particular order but does feature works from artists who have taken routes and avenues less traveled and have come back with some stories to tell.
Young Wonder – “Birth”
I think people are about to start paying me to stop talking about the Cork duo. They have long since earned my favour and stolen my heart and their debut album went beyond any of my expectations. Read my review for here

HamsandwicH – “Stories From The Surface”
Released April 17th “Stories From The Surface” saw a welcome return from one of my favourite live acts. You can read my review here

Malojian – “Southlands”
Having discovered Malojian accidently as he played in Coughlan’s Live Music Festival, then catching his EP I couldn’t wait for his album. “Southlands” was released May 18th and I wrote a few words for this website here He is back in Cork supporting Mick Flannery August 13th!

SOAK – “We Forgot How To Dream”
Only released the end of May. May only! We are very familiar with SOAK since her breakout appearance on Other Voices and it is perhaps on account of this she took her time releasing her debut album. It is of course a polished affair but full of all the questions an 18 year old has. So we just have to wait and find out what she has learned along the way.

Le Galaxie – “Le Club”
One of Ireland’s favourite live acts they released their second album this year on April 24th with “Le Club”. A move forward from the “John Hughes 1980’s” stuff of yesterday “Le Club” is about today and tomorrow and yet retains the bands fondness of theatre.
Jape – “This Chemical Sea”
Opening up 2015 was this release on January 26th. And what an album to start the year with! Richie Egan’s fifth album is his most cohesive not only in its texture but in its lament at the state of our planet. I started listening to this in the early evenings which were dark at this stage and it truly sparkles in that bewitching hour!
Villagers – “Darling Arithmetic”
Reaching the top of the charts on the week of its release on April 10th “Darling Arithmetic” is the third album from Conor O’Brien. Taking a step in another direction the album lay exposed in its starkness as Conor must have felt releasing an album that spoke so candidly about his sexuality.

Roisin Murphy – “Hairless Toys”
Her first album in 8 years came on May 8th. While she has released several EP’s and stand alone singles over the years we were starved for some of her ethereal pop drenched diva-ness. It is an album with plenty to say about what has happened in the meantime as well as a discussion on the role of women in the industry with plenty of sexual innuendo as the title even displays.

Little Xs for Eyes – “Everywhere Else”
Released April 13th “Everywhere Else” as the title suggests is an album about escapism. Moving from the bands roots in Indie folkyness to 80’s synth pop-tastiness with tracks like ‘Love Gets Lost’ and ‘Logical Love’.

Gavin Glass – “Sunday Songs”
Another long awaited album coming from Dublin singer-songwriter Gavin Glass. “Sunday Songs” released May 22nd features a strong lineup of a who’s who of Irish musicians from Munday to Cathy Davey. The album’s theme (melancholy and bittersweet) and sound (Folk and glistening)are in perfect harmony as Gavin stretches his musical and producing muscles on the record.