For a small Island in the middle of the Atlantic we are per capita a most musically talented bunch. Even if wasn’t Irish music centric my top picks would still contain more than a couple Irish acts. So in no particular order here are my top 10 singles released by Irish artists in the first six months of 2015.
Delorentos – “Forget The Numbers”

Released February 13th “Forget The Numbers” is my favourite track off their critically acclaimed fourth album “Night Becomes Light”. They also happen to be a lovely bunch of lads who have waited too long for the well deserved acclaim.

The Hard Ground – “Pucker”
Technically the first single off the third installment from their “Triptych” collection of EP’s ‘Pucker’ is another sexy track from the Cork band. Released March 13th it has those great vocals from Marlene Enright, some fun psychedelic references, and a stomping backup arrangement with guitar and drums. I dare you not to groove along with this beauty of a track.

Young Wonder – “Enchanted”
Release March 15th and the second single from their newly released album “Birth”, ‘Enchanted’ not only has a catchy pop chorus but demonstrates that Ireland is coming up in the world of production led music. With the use of chimes, clips and beats this song has often randomly popped into my head and flatly refused to leave.

Ham Sandwich – “Fandango”
Released ahead of their eagerly anticipated third album “Stories From The Surface” on March 13th ‘Fandango’ is a wonderfully joyous affair. Utilising the chemistry between Niamh Farell and Podge McNamee and incorporating Irish music elements and a wind section this track along with the entire album is made for dancing and jumping around to.

I’m Your Vinyl – “Erase It”
“I will erase you from my head// I will erase you from my bed” goes the refrain from this poptastic 70’s/surf vibe release from Dublin based I’m Your Vinyl. Released June 1st it is the perfect summery track to boogie on down to with some Rose.

August Wells – “Here In The Wild”
String drenched and melancholic this is up there as one of my favourite releases to date this year. Released April 24th every time I hear it I am taken away to another place and time.

The Vincent(s) – “Opium Den Song”
Self released July 4th “Opium Den Song” has been eagerly anticipated since the band’s Courtney Taylor-Taylor collaboration on ‘Song For The Sea’ last year. Noisey, psychy and full of surf vibes The Vincent(s) were electrifying as support for Billy Idol at their The Live At the Marquee gig in June.

Little X’s For Eyes – “Logical Love”
The Dublin group draw on a wide range of influences. Here on ‘Logical Love’ there’s an LA vibe in the synths that’s hard not to love!

Orla Gartland – “Souvenirs”
It seems almost too summery for its January 18th release “Souvenirs” has a HAIM feel to it and it is highly addictive. It was a case of love at first listen!

Fight Like Apes – “Pretty Keen On CentreFolds”
Released May 8th “Pretty Keen On CentreFolds” is the first single off the bands self titled fundit funded third album. You will find plenty of wit behind May Kay’s vocals and the uber groovy synths pummeling the track along.