“Star” opens with an almost Enya-esque wall of ambient vocals, which recur again in the chorus and lend the song a positive, airy feel. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a movie dreamscape. Maria sounds a little like Edie Brickell. “Automatic Flow” has more of a live vibe going on with vocals naturally doubled. There’s a gentle, lullaby feel to the track, until it lifts soon after the mid point with percussion and a jaunty bassline. In “All Change”,  Maria reminds us that “the only constant in this life is change”:

“One day when all of this is gone
You’ll move to another side of town
And like a bird that is ready to take flight again
There’ll be no need to look back on those who helped you spend
Your happy days”

Departure is an instrumental, and “Home” closes out the EP with a catchy chord progression. These last two tracks have a noticeably different, starker feel to the first three on the EP.

Find out more about Maria here: http://www.ms44music.com/#!music/c1l1j