Cork artist Jack Mechner has been enjoying notoriety around Cork since he began his latest project Mechner. His latest single “Surfacing” saw it’s official release 2 weeks ago but the video has been kept tightly under wraps as Jack was given the opportunity to preview the video at Cork Indie Film Festival.

Now released into the world the Gar O’Rourke of HERE NOW directed film featuring Eoghan Collins and Malwina Kupidura is a commentary on society and the ability of technology to turn us into zombies. The track is menacing and hypnotic and Jack says “It makes you think there’s someone lurking in your garden when the night is heaviest. It makes you wonder if this hollow man is here to save you, or to finish you off. Only when you’re face to face with them, their shadow collecting in every corner of the room, can you be certain. And by then, it’s too late. You’re powerless either way; a bystander.”

Fusing audio and visual in such a way ensures the message not only keeps you awake at night but allows it to seep into your subconscious and maybe makes you think about how much you really need to check your email. Watch the video for “Surfacing” below and play a game of name the Cork location.