It’s not often that rushing the stage during a gig leads to you joining forces with same stage invader but that is exactly what happened to Darren Morrissey and Greg Marshall when Greg decided he had to join in for an Oasis song. “Let’s just say the first 10 seconds after that moment were very important”, jokes Darren when I catch up with him ahead of the bands gig this Thursday, December 17th, in The Workman’s Club, Dublin.
Morrissey and Marshall as they have become known have been in London the past five years have one album under their belts and the second is due June 2016. “We are very lucky”, says Darren, “our label and management are in London and we have access to a studio with all the equipment and instruments we could dream of”.
The duo also have a new single “Cold November Sunrise” due for release January 1st which you can pre-order on iTunes. Listening to the new single in comparison to their debut album “And So It Begins” there has been a clear move to create something different. “When we made the first album we had just arrived in London and it was literally us and two guitars on it”, explains Darren. This has led to comparisons with the Everly Brothers and Simon and Garfunkel for the Dublin’s duo use of guitars and harmony. “To be compared to these legends is amazing, they are all great comparison”, adds Darren. The new single however reveals a more Beatlesque sound. Which isn’t a surprise as Morrissey and Marshall have revealed the single was inspired by John Lennon’s “Imagine”. “We wanted each line and verse to talk about something, whether it is race, religion or politics etc”, they said. “We realised that each album had to be different, a different piece of art. We were in a different frame of mind. We’ve grown up a bit, we learned a lot on the first album and this time we wanted more musicians and a choir and brass section. We just decided to go really big”, he explains.
The band also have an impressive list of musical fans. “The drummer from Magic Numbers saw our soundcheck and fell in love with what we were doing. They are amazing people and musicians and have helped us out a lot. We have toured with them as well as other projects”, says Darren. They have also toured with Sinead O’Connor and Damien Dempsey. Since, Dempsey frequently promotes the band on his social media. From this friendship the band were introduced to producer John Reynolds who is now producing the new album due for release in June 2016. “We have use of John’s studio in London and he has all this equipment and instruments that we get to play with.” The date of the album’s release was moved back from April to allow them expand their sound and they appear perfectly happy with this. “We will keep working in the studio and keep gigging. We have established ourselves in Dublin and London now so that when we do play we will have a big turnout which is amazing”.
Which brings us to Thursday’s gig in The Workman’s Club! “You know we started playing The Workman’s Club at this time of year three years ago. It came about because we were home visiting family for Christmas. It started to take with more and more people coming. Now it’s become part of our Christmas outing and it’s a really special night”, says Darren. “And it is great to see Aunties, Uncles and Grannies that you may not have seen in months, even a year sometimes and do some chilling too”, he adds.
When I ask him what he has been listening to lately I’m not exactly surprised after hearing their new material. “Oh a lot of 60’s stuff and Jeff Lynne from ELO. The new Libertines album is pretty great”.
You can buy tickets for Thursday night at The Workman’s CLub
Pre-order the single “Cold November Sunrise” here