By Bobby Green

Have you ever fancied the cool kid at school but had no idea how to talk to them? They’re witty and intelligent, charming and beautiful all in equal measure and you’re worried that you’ll come across all foolish when you tell your friends how you really feel about them. That’s exactly how I feel about My Fellow Sponges. When they entered my life on what was as mundane a day as ever they not only took my heart along with them on every note they played but they gently caressed my soul with every word they have sung.

I find it impossible not have an emotional response to a collective so creative and alive with ideas, where each idea is so carefully constructed and delivered with such grace that they land just out of reach so you’re always happily chasing along like a hapless butterfly collector with his net.

My Fellow Sponges have collaborated with story-tellers, comedians, dancers and brass-ensembles. They have played entire shows improvised, under the moniker, Community. Their live concerts are lively, unpredictable and intimate. They comfortably switch from eerie-electronica to hip-shaking-bossa-nova all with a dramatic flair that has stayed with Donal and Anna from their theatre days. They have wowed crowds in every corner of Ireland.

Their sound, a result of collaboration between fine musical personalities, incorporates elements of minimalism, folk, bossa and more recently synth-heavy electro. With influences that include: Kate Bush, Devendra Bahnhart, Joanna Newsom, Brian Eno, Philip Glass and Django Django.

Everything that is beautiful about the music scene in Ireland can be found on this album. There’s a plethora of reasons why My Fellow Sponges stand out from the pack and I think the reason for my affection towards them is personality. Every song on the album tells a story I wanted to listen to, created an emotion I wanted to embrace and left an auricular canvas so colourful I couldn’t help but fall in love over and over again with these Galway beauties.

But don’t take my word for it, see them live for yourselves and pick up the album after the show, you’ll be as in love as I am afterwards. X

Saturday 31 March / Galway / Roisín Dubh

Sunday 1 April / Clifden / Mullarkey’s

Thurs. 12 April / Bray / The Harbour Bar

Saturday 21 April / Dublin / Sin é

Saturday 28 April / Cork / The Village Hall

Sunday 28 April / Clonakilty / De Barra’s

Sunday 13 May/ Westport / Mc Ging’s

Friday 18 May / Dublin / Whelan’s

Friday 25 May / Bundoran / The Chasing Bull

Saturday 26 May / Derry / Bennigan’s Bar