Review byBobby Green
I’ve been told not to touch that man.’
This was the first line I ever heard from My Fellow Sponges.
I should have stayed away.
But how do you know when someone’s gonna break your heart?
I now unconditionally give my heart to My Fellow Sponges, and if they do break it then it will undoubtedly be worth the pain, as all true love is.
The Cold Hand was the first time this independent band from Galway entered my life. It was a shit day at work, and all hope of joy on this most ordinary of days was slowly ebbing its way out of my body. I was gradually melting away while the clock ever so slowly tick tocked it’s way to the golden hour that shouted HOME TIME, YOU CAN LEAVE THIS EXISTENCE AND BECOME HUMAN AGAIN.
But before I left I clicked on the link to download The Cold Hand so I could have a listen to it on my way home, and maybe be inspired to drag some creativity from my soul and write something about this Galway band,  I have to be honest in admitting, that I knew nothing about.
An hour later I was glued to my desk joyfully ploughing my way through their entire back catalogue. Buying it all so I can bring it all home with me and immerse myself in my new found joy. When I looked up from my desk, the surroundings of my day job were no longer effecting me the way they were just over an hour ago. That’s the beauty of any great art, it can take you exactly where it intends and make you feel exactly how it wants you to feel.
The Cold Hand is one of these perfect works of art. The video is superb and is as equally as stunning as the music. Like Yin and Yang they complete a perfect existence that The Cold Hand is. This is why I delved into their back catalogue. Could this be a trick of the senses, could the visuals be carrying the tune? But to think that My Fellow Sponges are anything but beautiful purveyors of exquisitely crafted music would be pure folly.
The Cold Hand is a stunning piece of work, the whole package is world class. I promise you that if it’s the starting point on your journey, like mine, into the world of My Fellow Sponges then The Cold hand of which they speak of will gently spank your bottom as you fall hopelessly in love with this Galway outfit. But as they say, “It’s the cold hand that gets me through the day”.
The Cold Hand is out now.