Band: Neon Atlas

Single: Get Up

Review: Bobby Green

I remember reviewing Graffiti Reality earlier on this year and being really impressed with its quality and how as an album it worked really well. It wasn’t just a collection of their songs, it had a feel, a groove, an overall image. Get up is taken from this album and serves as a great snapshot of Graffiti Reality.

Since releasing their second album in July of this year, they have been nominated for several awards in Ireland, and are attracting attention from both the UK and US. Gigging extensively through the summer and touring the summer festival circuit, the group have built up a loyal and substantial following with their flirting between balls out Alt Rock and melodic grooves with a towering chorus’s. Get Up is one of their melodic offerings, but don’t let that fool you, Neon Atlas pack a hefty punch when they want to, but with Get Up they are showing you their softer side. But how boring would it be to have a one dimensional sound? 2016 is going to be a big year for Neon Atlas, They delivered so much with Graffiti Reality and their live shows. Can they maintain the momentum that could see them become the alternative Indie darlings their sound could so easily make them.

Get Up is out Friday Nov 13th.