Hard to believe it is four years since Cork producer Ronan McCann AKA Carried By Waves released “Softly Held Together” and by the look of his new album “Resolute” a lot of things have changed.

“Softly Held Together” was a minimalist work with delicate artwork and McCann’s vocals almost none existent. “Resolute” on the other hand is a different beast. Straight off the artwork is vibrant with the familiar geometric shapes  we would associate with Carried By Waves. Secondly McCann’s vocals have come to the forefront and it is a welcome addition to the hazy, synth-laden world he has created. When we last met McCann he was adopting a new live set up incorporating live instruments, creating a band sound in an electronic world, and that comes through on this new work as well. It is post-rock and sounds like it would set the room on fire.

For me there is a definite Pet Shop Boys feel to “Resolute” and God Is An Astronaut familiarity in the instrumentation. The story line for “Resolute” is one of dealing with whatever life may throw at you. And perhaps it is from this place of standing one’s ground that Carried By Waves has embraced this new found confidence. There are plenty of best bits including the Pet Shop Boys-esque “Resonation Day”, the dynamic “Teeth Marks”,  the post-rock, hand clicking of “All I Am” and the glorious instrumental “PS Hoffmann”.

“Resonation Day” is the lead single from “Resolute” with a video  shot and directed by David Nelligan capturing the galactic affair saturated in the colours and geometric shapes of Carried By Waves.

“Resolute” was released April 22nd and is available to stream and download. Summer dates have yet to be announced but keep an eye out on https://about.me/carriedbywaves