At its peak, One Direction was one of the most popular and successful musical acts in the world. For those not wrapped up in 1D fever, it’s hard to overstate just how incredibly huge this band actually was. The throngs of hysterical and screaming fans come as no surprise, but more important is the chart success of the group.

During its short history, the band was a massive multimedia phenomenon whose influence even touched video games. The group was featured in its own piece of downloadable content for the Rock Band franchise, and they also appeared in a number of mobile games that ranged from dating sims to puzzle games. And 1D isn’t the only band that has been embraced by fans through video games. A number of popular artists are featured within the selections at the largest online casino sites where fans can play slot reels featuring their favourite bands and songs. Some of these acts include rock legends like Jimi Hendrix and Guns N’ Roses, the latter of whom are currently touring the world and jumping back into the spotlight. But 1D’s impact in the gaming world aside, it’s on the sales charts where they made the most damage.

They were the first band to have its first four albums debut at number one on Billboard, and set loads of other sales records as well. Despite the fame and success, the members of the band needed some time off, and the act went on hiatus in January 2016 as the members looked to pursue their own endeavours.

Zayn Malik was the first member to officially leave the band in 2015, and has already achieved a fair degree of success on his own. His debut album, Mind of Mine, was released in March 2016, and debuted at number one in the UK while also reaching number two in Ireland. He followed up the record by releasing a duet with Taylor Swift, and will next be seen in the upcoming film, “Ocean’s 8.” But Zayn is far from the only 1D guy to follow his own path. The other members of the band have also been busy during their time away, and they’re all currently working on their own projects.

Of the different members, it’s likely that the sole Irish member, Niall Horan, could very well become the most successful solo artist. While he might not have as high a profile as Zayn or Harry Styles, it could be argued that he’s one of the group’s most musically talented members. When he dropped his first single last October, Horan made history as the first artist to debut at the top of the Social 50 chart since its inception in 2010. Horan is set to release a new single on May 4 called “Slow Hands,” which could be huge given his massive social following. This fanbase could be a game-changer when it comes to his solo success.

The band’s break was only expected to last 18 months, so it’s likely that the boys could be back together by the time autumn rolls around. The bigger question will be if they’ll be willing to work together after having tasted fame separately. Only time will tell what the future holds for 1D, but right now it looks like Niall and the rest of the guys will be just fine on their own.