Review by Dylan Walsh

Whispers have been spread across Dublin city about this girl, Niamh Crowther. At just eighteen I couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about. I could hardly contain myself on Monday (29th of June), especially after listening to Niamh’s new single Little by Little (On repeat!). It’s pretty safe to say I was expecting the world after tuning into radio stations such as Spin 1038 and Radio Nova to hear Niamh talk to the nation, thankfully once the gig started I soon realised I was in for a treat.

The room went quiet as Niamh opened with the song ‘Bullets’. Niamh created a fresh, sweet, acoustic vibe with herself on an acoustic guitar and two others whom seemed to be close friends playing a second acoustic guitar and cajon. With the endlessly catchy hooks and a sweet sense of innocence to her vocals, I couldn’t help but smile as I watched a profound lyricist perform this breathtaking set.

As the night unfolded through the 5 songs including ‘I’ll Be’ and ‘Pain Killers’, I couldn’t help but think this girl is the next national treasure, especially when she played her song ‘Origins’. This is the moment I knew I was in the presence of someone very, very special. The blissful song was stripped back, and simply played with herself on keys. My eyes shut as the vocals took hold of me with the gliding to and fro between registers, hitting the sweetest and purest falsetto possible. I teared up, as word by word, Niamh brought us into the song, conveying emotion like no other.  This lyrical genius brought me to the edge and back, with a lump in my throat holding back what I thought may be a minor flood of tears, she quickly switched back to her acoustic cheerful self to end with her new single ‘Little by Little’. With over 55,000 plays on Spotify I couldn’t help but notice faces mouthing the words to such a catchy song. Niamh drew the night to a close, leaving everyone with a smile on their face.

I walked home that night with a sigh of amazement. Niamh is a breath of fresh air, humble, and just about ready to take on the world. As a fan I am truly excited to see how Niamh develops from here, as with a voice that can only be compared to Dolores O’Riordan from the Cranberries, I believe that anything Niamh lays her hands upon will turn to gold, and at the humble age of 18 I am so excited to see how her sound develops and matures. It’s clear that this talent Niamh has cannot be taught, bought, or learned. Everything is very stripped back, real, and emotionally driven to bring you on a journey.

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