Singer/songwriter/composer are all appropriate titles for Dubliner Niamh Parkinson. You can also add perhaps dreamer to that list too. You can believe that i am niamh is living her dream with the release of her debut album “Wonderland” on May 5th. She launches the album with a performance in The Freemasons Hall, on Molesworth Street in Dublin May 9th.
Such an unusual venue makes perfect sense for the type of musician i am niamh is and aspires to be. The title track and lead single showcases her ambitions for the album; a classically trained multi-instrumentalist who performs most of the album herself demonstrating her soprano vocals along with a penchant for syncopation and willingness to experiment with style. You can hear influences from Lily Allen to Kate Bush throughout the album. Tracks like ‘New Home’ and ‘Sent Box’ which are both percussion driven also feature a playfulness in the lyrics and delivery reminiscent of Lily Allen. ‘Fool’ reveals a beautiful cello accompaniment to Bush-like vocals. There is so much happening on track ‘All For View’ and yet between the syncopation, the piano and string arrangement, and the EDM beat this is one of my favourite tracks on the album.
I am niamh is not afraid of experimentation. She manoeuvres between classical to sultry and soulful to Moloko inspired songstress with her vocals. She contrasts syncopation with saccharine vocals. She embraces juxtaposing classical lines with EDM and percussion driven beats. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much but with 14 tracks to play with there is plenty of on “Wonderland” for such brave innovation and creativity.
Wonderland” the album is confronting, combative, sumptuous, and rapturous. It refuses to follow any rules so you must simply allow yourself to be surrounded by the music, let it seep into your soul and take you on a journey through its own wonderland.
Wonderland” was released May 5th and is available on iTunes
Album Launch May 9th at The Freemasons Hall, on Molesworth Street, Dublin2 will feature a string quartet and bass guitar as accompaniment.
You can follow i am niamh on her website and