Review by Bobby Green

Ailbhe Reddy has one of those voices that can cut across any arraignment or production like a diamond and leave you unaware of your surroundings for every moment she is singing. With the power to lift giants but with the subtle grace to hold even the most delicate of flowers unscathed as the sharpness of her voice fills you with a plethora of emotions.

With over 3 million Spotify streams to date and international critical acclaim, Ailbhe Reddy returns with her stunning new single ‘Nothing to Doubt’.

The track was produced by Willie Weeks who has 3 US Billboard No 1 albums to his credit.

Ailbhe says – “I wrote ‘Nothing to Doubt’ about a relationship; about all the meaningful looks & kind gestures, paired with the missed connections and the things left unresolved. When I think back on it, I’m always so frustrated by the thought of never saying what I wanted to, and always knowing that I won’t get the chance’

Even though this is a slightly different sound for Ailbhe there are still all the qualities that made you fall in love with her voice when it first entered your life. Her voice and song writing has always reminded me of the truth to be found in song writing of any worth. Always as clear as a diamond as I’ve mentioned before in previous reviews and earlier here, it’s pure, uncut quality.

Nothing to Doubt is out now.