Review By Bobby Green

Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with? Well. I’ve fallen in love with Jason and as soon as I start to find out where I could meet Jason I’m made painfully aware that there are only 3 opportunities to meet Jason in person.

November 3rd – Grand Social Dublin

November 16th – Dali Cork

November 23rd Project Waterford

Jason is the coolest motherfucker you’re likely to meet this year, Jason will remind you why you fell in love with albums in the 1st place, Jason will remind you of all your favourite moments when you 1st discovered music that wasn’t verse chorus, verse chorus and repeat until dead and Jason will remind you how beautiful the art form can be.

Having written, recorded and performed together for the best part of 15 years, O Emperor will release their third and final studio album, Jason, on November 2, 2018. To celebrate this final release, the band will play three farewell shows in Dublin, Cork and Waterford.

Possibly O Emperor’s most innovative collection to date, Jason was conceived over the course of a handful of chaotic sessions at the band’s Cork recording studio. During this period, the 5-piece strayed from the notion of working on typical song structures and instead explored the outermost reaches of the collective process of improvisation. Lengthy jams were recorded live in the room with a minimum of equipment and technical fuss, with a view to capturing the sound of the spontaneous musical interactions through a fuzzy auditory lens. In terms of sound and vibe, the records of early 70s African psychedelia were to be a mental benchmark for the band.

Jason is by far the album of the year for me, unless something happens between now and Christmas, it caught me completely off guard and now it’s all I listen to. I’m not fickle about music, and I’ll admit to having favourites but when Jason came into my life I had to question everything. I’m hoping O Emperor question their decision to call it a day because Jason and I have just fallen in love.