Review By Bobby Green

At the start of this unforgettable summer I was lucky enough to be in Dublin for the launch of the Muddy Waters Video from One Horse Pony’s Hot One EP. The single and video blew me away but until you experience music live you can never be sure if it’s smoke and mirrors that put a band in your heart or it truly is the magic that is only being part captured on tape.

I don’t think I even lasted until the end of the chorus of their opening number before I knew I had entered a love affair that would provide the soundtrack to not only this unforgettable summer but for the cold winter nights that are bound to follow. I started to ring friends to talk about this band from Cork playing Blues / Folk like you wouldn’t believe. They had a harmonica player that could set ice on fire with the way he played, I was afraid to talk to him after the gig in case I heard the voice of hell his playing was that hot. But the charm that emanated from One Horse Pony as they played that night would have melted even the coldest of hearts as song after song was wrapped up in a quality and a history way beyond their years.

Now their EP is out, Hot One, and like a love bug junkie I’m delighted to get my fix of more of the same auricular nectar for my diotic delight.  Not since seeing Alabama 3 live have I enjoyed such sweet southern drenched influenced music. Their music brings joy to the beating heart that bounces to the railway rhythms that provide the soundtrack these stories delivered with the same strength as your favourite Kentucky bourbon with just as much smoothness.

There are no gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors, no hype and certainly no false promises with this EP and that in itself is refreshing. it delivers on the money just like their live performance does, a more complete band you’ll be hard pressed to find on the circuit today.