Elm are a Dublin four-piece comprising of vocalist Dylan Walsh, cellist Gary Molloy, guitarist Aidan Clancy and drummer Cathy Ahearne. They are described as having a dark earthy sound like no other, composed by a cello, drums, guitar and haunting vocals” and having seen them play live I found this description to be true, haunting they are indeed! Celebrating the release of their song ‘Concentrate’, I spoke to Elm guitarist Aidan Clancy about all things musical.

Which artist/band has influenced your music the most?

“Off the top of my head I don’t think our music has been influenced by one individual artist. When the songs are stripped down to just an acoustic guitar and vocals, they are said to have Damien Rice aspects to it, but when then songs are brought to the band, all our influences are brought into the songs! From Dylan’s influences in jazz singing, to Gary’s love of classical music, we really want everyone to incorporate their own influences to the table.”

What is your favourite album ever?

“That’s a tough question, every day I’ll have a new favourite album! At the moment, Damien Rice’s newest album “My Favourite Faded Fantasy” is me and Dylan’s favourite album. His songwriting on this album was so spot on, and the lyrics in some songs like “The Greatest Bastard” are perfection. Tears are not far away when listening.”

If you could play any venue in the world, which would it be and why?

“Out of the countless venues across the world, my favourite venue is right at our doorstep, The Olympia Theatre. Size is not something that wins me over for a venue. The atmosphere of the shows I’ve seen in the Olympia are out of this world. The venue itself is so beautiful and playing on the stage is literally the dream.”

If you could collaborate with any artist/band, dead or alive, who would it be?

“I know that Amy Winehouse was one of Dylan’s all-time favourite singers, so working with her would have been something he would die for. I also think her songwriting was amazing and really interesting. My favourite song of hers was “Back to Black”, the use of brass and haunting melody really intrigued me when I first heard it.”

Who is your favourite Irish artist at the moment?

“Damien Rice. He’s a songwriter I really can’t get enough of. His lyrics and melodies are the thing of dreams.”

What are your goals for your music in 2015?

“For 2015 our plan is to try get our name out there to as many people as possible! We have just released our first music video for our song Concentrate and the reception has been amazing! We then our releasing our debut EP at the end of April which we recorded with Johnny Quinn, the drummer of the one and only Snow Patrol! It was an amazing experience and we’re so excited to get it out for everyone to hear. We are already confirmed on the line up for a handful of festivals, the first being Vantastival at the beginning of May!”


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You can also hear their latest release ‘Concentrate’ on SoundCloud and find the striking accompanying music video on YouTube.