Palaces, a two-piece outfit based in Cork consisting of Annie Sutton and Dave Carey have been doing the rounds of late. Having joined forces in 2013 they simultaneously began writing and touring releasing their debut album “Palaces” in 2014.

Think Chvrches and you will get an idea what Palaces sound like. Perhaps more indie than electro pop their music is still heavily in the pop category. And they do it beautifully contrasting reverbing guitars on ‘Mine’ to more electro on ‘In Your Eyes’.

‘Loud’ for me is the standout track. Conspicuous in its lack of loudness but instead demonstrating paired back instrumentation and production where you can imagine being alone with the duo in an intimate, emotional raw kind of way. What “Palaces” demonstrates is the number of influences of the band each song demonstrating yet another shade, another corner of what Annie and Dave want to show you.

Aside from ‘Periphery’, which was mastered by Frank Atwood in Abbey Lane Studios, the entire album was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Dave Carey. This idea of a duo with a singer and producer is becoming more and more popular (see Slow Skies, Nanu Nanu, Young Wonder) and Palaces have demonstrated with their self-titled debut that there is plenty of room and scope for one more.

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