Dublin trio Pine The Pilcrow launched their self-titled debut EP on March 26th and the four tracks of the EP show how timeless and adaptable traditional music can be.

The EP opens with the melancholic “Part Of You Died” with hushed vocal harmonies and piano used to set the mood. Early on it becomes clear that instrumentation is the crux that holds it all together. From mournful piano, the ebb of the cello and the pulse of strings they carry the emotion and subtlety of the EP. With elements of traditional music, but not overtly so, the EP also reveals influences like Nick Cave on “Saviour” and KD Lange on “It’s Only Love”. Closing out the EP is the track “Where Are You Now” which is more upbeat than its predecessors and hints at hope in the face of this melancholy.

While this is brand new music, the trio of Kevin Murray, Hannah Ryan, Robert Campbell only recently emerging, the music feels old, comfortable, like a blanket you can wrap yourself up in. And I suppose that makes sense, us Irish wallow in melancholy. And while the music contains the atmosphere of traditional music we find it has a folk feel to it, maybe a touch of americana, and certainly the soul of a poet.


Pine The Pilcrow have a string of Irish dates to promote the release of the EP.

April 13th – The Globe Bar, Dublin
April 18th – The International, Dublin
April 19th – The Ruby Sessions
April 29th – Connolly’s of Leap
June 4th – Vantastival, Louth
June 5th – Whelan’s, Dublin
June 6th – The Harbour Bar, Bray