EP: Dreamer To The Dawn

Review: Bobby Green

Pleasure Beach are a Belfast five piece unit that have crafted together a beautiful sound within the Dreamer To The Dawn EP. The EP launches with Go and it brought me right back to the post C86 scene with its urgent vocals and raw but ever so perfect guitars that cut over a pounding rhythm taking the listener through some beautiful harmonies wrapped up in this delightful slice of alternative synth pop.  It has tints of The Motorcycle Boys Big Rock Candy Mountain sliced up with That Petrol Emotion.

The title track Dreamer To The Dawn is more synth pop than alternative showcasing the strength of their song writing and harmonies. Pop is no longer a dirty word with so many Irish bands leading the charge giving this genre credibility far beyond the mass marketed pap deafening the world’s ears with its lack of depth. I’ve always been a huge fan of good pop and Pleasure Beach unashamedly flirt with that.

The EP closes with Hayley, a downtempo affair that is an atmospheric drift into a dreamscape where Pleasure Beach will welcome you into their world. Once there, you’ll find it difficult to leave.

Dreamer To The Dawn is Out Now on Faction Records.

If you don’t wake up to Pleasure Beach you might just miss this dream.