Reviewed by: Bobby Green

R are two London based Irish lads Pierre and Marc O’Reilly who’s solo works include guest vocals on MOBO award-winning act Karios 4tet’s last album (Marc) While Pierre has composed for a picture directed by Academy Award-nominated director, Nicky Phelan, whilst third member, producer Konstantine Pope, has made a name for himself as one half of dub-step duo Standard & Push.

Together they create some beautifully sublime electro pop music. But it seems like I’m not the only fan. Martyn Ware of The Human League and Heaven 17, expressed that the band’s music had ‘restored [his] faith in the future of song writing.

Bubble Gum Geisha will sound fantastic coming through your radio this summer and is part of the electro pop genre that Ireland is at the forefront of, with the likes of Fight Like Apes, The Casanova wave and Jape to name just a few.

When electro pop first hit in the 80s there was some amazing and intelligent pop music created before it got drowned out and strangled by the major labels wanting to make money rather than grow this art form. Bands like R are a natural progression of that art form and the elctro pop genre is bringing intelligence, depth and beauty back to the airwaves.

Bubble Gum Geisha is out on Salt & Shake Records on 20th April 2015.