Review by Bobby Green

I don’t know anyone who wasn’t delighted when Brian signed to a major label earlier this year, his soulful music could only be contained for so long before the international market was to be coloured with the voice that has lit up so many house parties for the last few years across Ireland.

I remember DJ’ing with Handsome Pat at one of our Dublin all nighters where the tribe comes together for an event of some kind, but we make sure the after party is always a place where we share great tunes, both old and new. This particular night will always stay in my head because it was the 1st night that I heard Over Like MacGyver. It was one of those music affirming moments like the 1st time I heard Japes Floating or Declan O’Rourk’s Galileo.

I know I’m not the only person who does this, but whenever I hear great music for the 1st time, really great music, I look at the speakers to see where the sound is coming from, it’s like it has a physical presence. Every time I’ve seen or heard Brian Deady since that night I’ve been transported to that place of aural heavenliness.

With Clap Both My Hands Brian Deady transcends musical genres and labelled limitations to produce a song that would be just as happy at home on a Harlem Sunday morning as it would on a Friday night in Corks Bodega. I defy anyone to not clap both their hands, stomp both their feet or feel uplifted by this song of Satan’s restrictive bounds placed upon Brian. May the devil continue to annoy Brian if the end result culminates in music this purifying for the soul.

I love Brian’s music and am delighted Clap Both My Hands has got a re-release. Music like this makes you forget that the world is sometimes a pretty fucked up place and it reminds you that there is great joy to be had. I will clap both my hands, I will stamp both my feet and I will dance.

Clap Both My Hands is out now.