Review by Bobby Green

Alternative Rock has become a bit of a dirty phrase over the last few years with so many bands not quite knowing where they are or where they are going, knocking out mediocre music hoping for mainstream attention. At the core of any great music, be it folk or pop or rock with the many sub genres within each category there has to be truth. And for quite a while now there has been nothing much to believe in. But as transgloble underground told me, ‘Watch The Sky, Keep Looking’

Deep Sky Objects are a Cork based 3 piece consisting of Kevin and Thomas O’Brian providing guitars, drums and vocals while DD Foley thunders in with the bass so sharp you’ll be in danger of slicing up your ear drums if you play them too loud.

This impressive EP came out last month but is getting a ‘hard’ release on CD so much has been the demand. The 5 tracks on offer here could all have been lead singles, if this is the quality they are delivering at this moment in time then an album should launch these lads stratospheric. This music is for a mass market, but unlike a lot of the stuff on offer right now these songs have meat and bones on them that’ll make your balls tingle. I love the production here, it’s so crisp and defined. When the album is ready, and with the right campaign Deep Sky Objects should have no bother achieving even greater things.