Record Store Day 2015 (Saturday, April 18th) is almost upon us and with this year’s celebration of Ireland’s Independent Record Stores and the batches of special releases that go with it is it still relevant? I live in Limerick and was disappointed when I couldn’t find anywhere doing something for it. Dolan’s have a gig on alright, the Record Store in the Milkmarket will be there, and O’Mahony’s is open for business. But, all as per usual. No special events have been organised. Even Cork has seen the size of the day decrease somewhat this year with less venues celebrating. But the closing and reopening of venues may explain this. I do hope this situation is only temporary and that we will see more events and venues celebrating music next year. Record Store Day in of itself is one way kids will hear about Independent Record Stores near them, will comes across bands they may not have heard of beforehand and generally provides a very cool vibe. To keep your appetites sated though here is what is happening in Cork tonight and tomorrow.

Gulpd and Pulgd – Cork
Full list and times for DJs here
Friday 17th
7pm – late – New Jackson & Margie Lewis (Keep on Jumpin’ Presents)
Saturday 18th
11am – 7pm – Stevie G and friends – Vinyl Love
7pm – Hags (Plugd)
7:45pm – Laurie Shaw (Plugd)
9pm – Somerville (Gulpd)
10pm – Sunken Foal (Gulpd)
Till Close – DJs (Gulpd)
Sunday 19th –
12pm – Stevie G & friends (Gulpd) – Vinyl Love
6:30pm – Rory Francis O’Brien (Gulpd)
7:30pm – Laura Hyland(Gulpd)
9-11:30pm – Cork Improvised Music Club (Gulpd)

Music Zone, Douglas
Call in for special Record Store Day releases.
12PM : John Blek
1PM : The Shaker Hymn
2PM : John Spillane
3PM : Raising Jupiter
4PM : Fox Jaw
5PM : The Hard Ground

Records & Reclics
Starting at 3pm with an appearance by The Would B’s who will also be releasing their new single “Bittersweet” there on limited edition 12″ vinyl which will include the Peel Session.