Irish/London based Alt pop duo Rews will release their debut single “Can You Feel It” Oct 23rd. With a 90’s/naughties vibe to the track it should come as no surprise that songstress Shauna Tohill has previously toured with Snow Patrol and Darwin Dee. While beatmaker Collette Williams has previously worked on material with Gabrielle Aplin.
“What would you do when you don’t know how to” asks Tohill in one of the opening lines of the track. When mental awareness has become such a talking point in Irish culture “Can You Feel It” isn’t afraid to addresses these issues. Encouraging us to “Let it out // Let it out// Let it out” the duo have clearly come across the Hoffman Process where attendees expel pent up anger and frustration by screaming and yelling. I do this regularly but without the fancy title. The topic is on point for the Northern duo. Again, no surprise there as previous work as been used by Discover NI so these girls have their finger on the pulse of what is current and you should keep a close eye on them.
Their motto is: “REWS aim is to inspire people to be who they are, dance, sing, have fun yet address those deep issues that people face in everyday life. It might just be your medicine!”
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