Review by Bobby Green

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard something so beautiful as The Cadences of Others from We Cut Corners. Such controlled grace that lifts its soul from beyond the speakers to dance with your heart while you fall in love with its elegance. Its changeable rhythms flirt between subtle styles while you’re seduced into the grooves of the opening caresses, being fooled into believing this would be a gentle journey into a dreamlike blissful state. Only to be woken up with a kick to your ‘Milk Teeth’.

The Cadences of Others is the sound of a band who know exactly what they are doing, pushing themselves sonically when resting on the laurels of past victories would have probably been accepted, but ultimately not good enough. Both lyrically and sonically this album subtly  interweaves with perfection, its intimacy is refreshingly candid allowing you to fully know and feel the full range of emotions that make up an album of such quality. As with all great music you’ll have your own translations and interpretations of these songs that you will carry close for a long time, but the character of The Cadences of Others is wonderfully palpable.

Recorded in a church in the Dublin Suburbs you can tell that the duo fully embraced the atmosphere on a few tracks and let the ambiance of that space fully take over, giving the album a calming feel when underneath the lyrics are like a tango with your heart, witty and sharp.

A truly beautiful album, one that will keep me warm on these long winter nights.

The Cadences of Others is out now.