Project Dusk is an Audio Visual brainchild from the heartbeat of Paul Rodgers. Hailing from Co. Donegal he was lead guitarist of ‘Mojo Gogo’ until 2014 before a move to Dublin. But the pulling of his main love brought him back to Donegal to start creating again where he undertook the task of doing everything himself.

He got the help from Jordan Carty the former drummer of ‘Mojo Gogo’ to lay down some drum tracks and he also had the very talented Christopher Edwards from Darknet Productions in Donegal Town produce these songs for him. But the single dimension of sound wasn’t enough for him to encapsulate the emotions he wanted us to indulge ourselves on.

He told me ‘I have a huge interest in media as well as music, so I wanted to mix visuals with the music, that’s why each song I have released has a video. And the live show will have projectors displaying visuals throughout the show, that’s why I decided to call it an Audio Visual Project.’

On watching the videos it’s immediately apparent that these aren’t visual stories or translations of the songs but visual accompaniments to his songs, and I found that refreshing. Although there are some great videos around at the moment there are also some awful ones so I like the idea of a visual accompaniment rather than a visual story that can have a life of its own.

The Facebook page can be found here

Project Dusk plan to have an EP out soon with an Irish Tour to support it. All dates will be advertised once finalised.


But in the meantime WATCH THESE CLIPS