Review by Bobby Green

“We are the youth

The forgotten truth

This is where we’ve been

The whole time

The millennium it gleams

In our minds”

Normally it’s a hangover that kicks me in the face and knocks me sideways this early in the year, but I’ve just listened to the forthcoming single ‘Youth’ by More Than Machines and it’s the wake up call punk pop needs. It’s about time the youth started shouting at us old bastards again, we’ve become lazy and complacent.

Before any snobs (there are many) start with ‘punk pop’ or sub genre this and that, I class nearly anything sounding remotely like punk after CRASS as punk pop, and why not? I love this genre, it was called post punk in my day and it’s what a huge amount of my record collection consists of. But to be honest, after Wiz from Mega City Four passed away I never felt the love I once had for this genre until recent years.

More Than Machines started out life as Beware Of You and released two EP’s under that name before changing to More Than Machines and ‘Youth’ is an introduction to this new change.

When I asked them about the name change they said “With regards to the name change, over the two years we’ve been a band we’ve grown as musicians and people. We felt that the name we had previously was tied to a past that just isn’t us anymore. We were a band that just played music for the sake of it at the time. As the two years passed we began to take what we were doing more and more seriously and so we decided to make a fresh start and change our name as a representation of that. Our sound also changed slightly too.

People are losing the ability to think for themselves and are relying on others for direction. We don’t believe that people are truly like that, we believe that we must be ‘more than machines’. We are, after all, humans with the potential for great things. Everyone has the potential to be a leader in whatever they choose. Machines don’t become leaders, people do. We are not machines, we are ‘more than machines’.”

Youth was recorded with Michael Richards in Trackmix Studios in Dublin, Ireland and mixed and mastered by Bert & Eric Poncet of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! and Alias Studios in Paris, France. It has everything you want from a 3 minute blast of noise, attitude, roaring guitar, angst ridden vocals with a chorus you can sing along to. There’s only a handful of bands that’ll make me want to be a teenager again and after hearing ‘Youth’, More Than Machines might just become one of them.

We are the youth

The forgotten truth

Ring your own bell if you wanna get with it

You gotta have your old style and wit

‘Youth’ is out 9th Feb and it’s the kick in the balls 2017 needs right now.