Review by Bobby Green

The last transmission is the 2nd single from the Cork based recording collaborative The Grey Merchant. Their 1st single was a sample based vocal using the excellent and still relevant speech from Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator but with The Last Transmission we get a more traditional vocal, giving the listener a better feel of what The Grey Merchant are capable of. With an album being formulated as we speak the first two releases are an indicator of the overall feel of what we could be in store for.

There is a conscience to the vocal that I like and an atmosphere that links in with Spotless (The Protecting veil) their debut release leading you to believe that they take their music, and the world around them very seriously. This is by no means a dour criticism, it’s about time bands started pointing out principled thought through their art, there is a place for it along with the drugs and shagging, it’s been a while since an interesting band have come along. There’s been plenty of exciting great Rock n Roll over the past few years, and some great shoegazing intimate stuff too. The Grey Merchant bridge that gap perfectly, but fill their space with samples of social integrity and interesting lyrics.

I’m only 2 songs into this band and I want to see them live, I want to hear more and I’m genuinely interested in what they are about. They have shown with these first two tracks that they do have something to offer and are not just another faceless collaboration that sounds nice.

The Last Transmission by The Grey Merchant is out February 23rd.

Listen to The Last Transmission below