By Bobby Green

I believe in Elvis Presley
I believe in Jerry Lee
I believe Dr Winston
I believe in you and me

The word legend gets knocked about far too much nowadays, I’ve got a friend who saw Elvis live and we call him a legend.
But not many people get the status of GOD.

I believe in Lewis Carroll
I believe in Oscar Wilde
I believe in Muddy Waters
I believe in Jackson 5

On Wednesday 25th of June 2014 I got to share the same space, and listen to the voice, the voice of a man who deserves that title and everyone else who was there knew it too.

There were so many stories in the Marquee that night connected to that man’s voice, that it was like stepping into a Rock n Roll time machine. Led Zeppelin are part of every rock child’s DNA, they are Rock n Roll personified and anyone in Ireland who knows and loves Rock n Roll knows that having the chance to hear Robert Plant sing in Cork Is the religious equivalent of having St Peter pop round for a cup of tea.

I believe in Charlie Chaplin
I believe in MLK
I believe in what is happening
I believe in come what may

When BP Fallon took the stage to recite “I Believe in Elvis Presley” as an introduction to the night the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. The crowd knew something very special was about to happen, then Robert Plant began to sing “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You” and magic filled the marquee. Robert Plant’s voice still sends chills down the spines of believers, unmistakably the sound of the sexiest Rock n Roll that has ever been heard. He looked how you wanted him to look, a hairy Rock n Roll God and he sounded like; this is where my dreams came true and were shattered at the very same time, he sounded like the voice of Led Zeppelin and if everyone who was there that night was being honest that’s why we were there, we want Led Zeppelin.

I’m not against a little darkness
I’m not against a little sin
As long as no-one gets hurt
Or lets the devil in
So maybe he came to the crossroads
Or maybe it’s a racist lie
Saying no black man could be so brilliant
Without the devil getting his soul when he dies


Robert Plant’s work with Alison Krauss was superb, showing that Robert Plant as an artist is still relevant. As a vocalist he is still among the World elite, he deserves every plaudit bestowed upon him. Not just because he earned it, but because he is still earning it.

Led Zeppelin had often flirted with eastern music so when Robert told us we were in for a little bit of Country & Eastern my Rock n Roll soul was lifted by a rendition of Black Dog that was in no way a tribute to the original, but a reworking of a classic by the very man who breathed life into the song in the first place and became the voice of Rock n Roll sex to so many generations.

I believe in vinyl records
I believe in mp3
I believe in Tutti Frutti
I believe in RnB
I believe in psychedelics
I believe in LSD
I believe in marijuana
I believe in you and me

Robert Plant took to Twitter to describe his new material with the Sensational Shape Shifters by saying “These songs are an ode to life & love & the fragile adventure that you set out upon unknowingly and unwittingly.”

I have to be honest at this point, Robert Plant does sexy a hell of a lot better than ‘life & love’ because when they launched into ‘Going To California’ followed by ‘Rock n Roll’ there was magic in the air. Not a sense of nostalgia but you could honestly feel magic.

These are times when it feels we live in fiction
and what we still believe in is several truths apart
and all we’ve got to go by is our worshipping of icons
and God or is it Elvis, singing ‘How Great Thou Art’?

But the problem with magic is that when it stops you realise how unmagical everything else is. Even in the middle of the enchantment cast over the audience during ‘Hoochie Coochie Man / Whole Lotta Love’ I found myself wishing “If only that were Jimmy Page”.

Skin Tyson is a great guitarist and was faultless on the night, and there were moments that I was in Rock n Roll heaven. But it was like being handed a glass of the greatest whiskey in the world In a champagne flute. You’d enjoy it because of its vintage and history, it has impeccable taste, you can feel its quality, but with just one small detail it would be perfect.

I believe in Elvis Presley
I believe in Jerry Lee
I believe in who you are girl
I believe in you and me

I know that getting Jimmy Page and Robert Plant on stage together is more than one small detail but as tonight showed, when Led Zeppelin’s music filled the arena there was real magic in the air.

Robert’s Voice can still do it, and to deny people their piece of history I believe is a real sin. I know it wont be the same, and for people to say ‘I was there in the 60’s man’ Is a tribute to their rock heritage. But who can honestly say they wouldn’t sell their soul to the devil to be there if they were to do it again.
Because I believe in Rock n Roll.