By Jessica Flynn

Music is a form of art, a form of expression to put forth ones personality in a creative way. However, not all musicians are as focused on the creative side of their career as they should be. Then there are musicians such as Robert Power who pour their heart, soul, and a hell of a lot of time into their work.

Hailing from Carrick – On – Suir in County Tipperary, Power is both a writer and performer with a background in acting who has self-released his debut album this year and entitled it 1. He has a clear idea of where he is headed with his music career, and creativity was a big factor in naming his album. There’s an air of mystery surrounding 1 and where the numbers may lead has yet to be revealed.

‘Human’ was the first offering brought forth and was selected for Record of the Day in London back in 2011, which inspired Power to continue working on his first collection of material. From that inspiration came a 12 track album that is cheerful in its ingenuity and in its entirety, goes from strength to strength.

Calm, catchy, and cohesive, this debut has the lyrical and vocal strength to build a following for Power.  The introduction of certain elements at unexpected points throughout the album, as well as collaborations with other musicians, keeps things interesting. Complete with intro and outro, 1 is composed of short-titled tracks that each adds a piece to the puzzle, generating somewhat of a story that is nicely infused with real personality.

Overall, it’s plain to see how much work was put into the completion of this Album and Power’s plans for the future seem promising. It will be quite interesting to see which direction things head from here. To find out more about the album and artist, head over to