Rosa Nutty impressed with her debut EP “Bunny” last year and she has returned with new track “Sea Salt” released June 28th and celebrated with a launch in The Grand Social as well as an appearance at this weekend’s Castlepalooza.

I don’t say this lightly, but after hearing “Sea Salt” I feel in Rosa Nutty we have found a new female Irish voice, a new expression and someone we will be talking about in years to come. As with her peers she is skillful with her melodies, creative with her harmonies and addresses the issues that she encounters. She also uses her voice in a unique way and when you think about the female vocalists Ireland has produced they all exhibit a quirkyness, a counter-culture streak and an ability to tap into the emotional core of a subject.

“Sea Salt” opens with “It’s getting harder // To order for you // My taste changes // And you eat simply”. I’m not alone in being able to relate to this. The evolution of a early relationship as each person grows up and finds their own way and not necessarily in the same direction as their current partner. But there is a maturity in Nutty’s songwriting as she accepts “Such is life // We are // Different people”.”

Check out the video below for “Sea Salt” directed by Sean Clarke and featuring Lauren Wilson & James McGrath.