Review by Bobby Green

Blink of an Eye is the latest single by Northern Irish outfit Runabay and it’s the sound of Galaxy chocolate wrapped up in barbed wire. But sometimes we all go through pain to get what we desire.

Blink of an Eye is essentially about putting yourself out there and getting shot down whilst trying to keep a brave face” explains frontman John McManus. “It’s a serious song with a kind of self-deprecating edge to it. The narrative is reminiscent of that old adage, ‘If you didn’t laugh, you’d cry’”

Since the bands formation in 2014, they have strived to constantly evolve and develop their sound. To that end, this new track is a departure from previous releases, with a shift in sound and a changing aesthetic. Recent influences ranging from Daughter to Public Service Broadcasting have informed and modified their sound which now consists of shades of electronic, folk and indie culminating in a soundscape of intrigue and beauty. Right from the off, the riff from the new single grabs the listener and commences a journey through emotion and euphoria towards an epic conclusion.

It really is a beautiful alternative sound that cuts across anything around right now, its subtlety demands your attention while John McManus vocal carries you along the story so eloquently told.

The video concept was borne out of the narrative that people have various personas they employ throughout the day, as a means of creating a barrier to their inner struggles. In this insta-age, where people strive to convey a perfect public perception, this video seeks to address this notion and makes the point that rarely are things as straightforward as they appear through the lens of a camera.

Check it out below. The single is out now