“I’ve been working the skinny all of my life for this soul food” goes the refrain on Rusangano Family’s new single “Soul Food”. It’s neither about food or religion but about being true to yourself and your values.

After lighting a fire under the arse of everyone with the release of their debut album “Let The Dead Bury The Dead” the Limerick trio show no signs of slowing down after a hectic festival season. The new single “Soul Food” precedes several more Irish dates as well as performances across Europe. MuRli MuRi and God Knows are razor sharp in their lyrics on “Soul Food” decrying injustice and telling everyone except God to wait while they deal with the situation. MynameisjOhn incorporates lightning fast African beats into the track including some imaginative steel drums. Not afraid to mess with the formulae the track goes from full throttle to stock still to celebratory rhythms which includes a fun Andre 2000 shout out.

Catch Rusangano Family play the following dates:
September 18th – Dublin Fringe
September 21st – Coughlan’s Live Music Festival, Cork

Watch the Burren set video below