Review by Bobby Green

The Scratch are a 4 piece from Dublin / Cork who play an exciting brand of traditional music that will ignite a passion within you. They look like they’ve found Howard Marks hidden supply in the Galtee Mountains and you’d fully expect them to start playing Hells Bells rather than the pulsating melodies and rhythms they are now becoming famous for.

When music is played with this much passion it’s impossible to not be effected by it, Imagine Malcom Young’s driving rhythms with a traditional Irish flavour and you’ll be getting close to the sound these lads are creating. I’m not sure how the traditional purists would take to these guys, but they look like they couldn’t give a pair of monkey’s balls what anyone thinks. And with music this good does it really matter.

The single “Vico Road” is out now, and to hear it live is an experience you need in your life.