By Mags Blackburn

There is no denying that the Irish trio The Script have reached the dizzying heights of popstardom. They have collaborated with heavy hitters (Will.I.Am), filled stadiums across the world, scored multi-platinum albums by three and lead singer Danny O’Donoghue has even been a judge on reality TV. I cannot help but also acknowledge their knack for a pop hook and an earworm chorus. But all this means for me is that The Script having nailed their sound and with super slick production can sound a bit samey to me.

Which brings us to the bands fourth album “No Sound Without Silence” which comes hot on the heels of an 11 month tour for #3. For those who love The Script you will love this album because it follows the same lines as what has gone before. For others, we were expecting something more. We know what the band can do, I’ve already listed their achievements, but we also know what they are capable of and album #4 should/could have been the opportunity to take that risk.

Instead The Script have repeated the formulae that worked so well before. The same themes are there; the rise up against adversity ‘Man on a Wire’, the bittersweet love song ‘Never Seen Anything “Quite Like You”’ and stadium anthems ‘Superheroes’. Even the song progressions sound overly familiar. But if you’re filling stadiums every other night you want people to be able to sing along easily enough.

However, speaking of the first single off the album ‘Superheroes’ I do have some positive things to say about “No Sound Without Silence”. The earworm choruses are there. When we hear these songs on the radio we will not have any other choice but to sing/hum/nod along to them. We will join Danny and Co. in rising up against our own adversities as we sing ‘The Energy Never Dies’ and we will still sway and dream of Summer loves past as we belt out ‘Army of Angels’.  ‘Superheroes’ not only is the first single but was also the first track written and recorded while the band were still on tour. It was written on the high of coming off stage after a concert and you have to give it to The Script, that’s exactly what you feel when you listen to it. It’s electric, it’s buzzing and you’ll buzz right along with this super feel good track.

Maybe they’ve played to the States for too long. Maybe they produced this album too quickly after the last. But maybe The Script will delve into the stores of wit and humour they are known for, ravage their music collections, and call in a few favours and produce a #5 which will send us all back to the drawing board on what we thought we knew about them.