Cork singer-songwriter Sian Brown is channelling 60’s influences on her second album “Girl From Nowhere”. Her first album “Blue Ruin” was an outlet for her anger and frustration at that stage of her life, but on this new album Sian seems much more at peace. Sticking with the 60’s theme, the album covers love and loss and features many folk elements including the organ, guitar and accordion.

Sian has also taken on board some strong female singer-songwriter influences on this journey. Tracey Chapman can be heard on the track ‘Pull of the Moon’, Janis Joplin on ‘No Need to be Lonely’ and even Mary Black on ‘Mary’.

Sian knows the power of music to convey a message. One that can be told without words, but they certainly help. The funky sounding ‘Cut You Loose’ is reminiscent of strong female-led tracks which sing of walking away from a bad relationship. ‘Miss You When’ is a guitar driven track with a solo that harks back to power ballads of the 80’s. You can imagine Sian sitting on stage with her piano under a spotlight singing to ‘No Need to be Lonely’.

What’s unmissable is the story being told by Sian. She has spent years touring around Ireland, struggled to get recognition for her music, dealt with her demons, found love and all of these are discussed on the album. There is the warning of hidden dangers of ‘Wolves’, the lament “What’s the world without a dream” from ‘Miss You When’ and the healing power of love on ‘Pull of the Moon’. It appears that all that’s gone before needed to happen in order for Sian to reach this point where she can talk about it and hopefully there is healing in that.