Drawing comparisons to the likes of The Streets, Artic Monkeys and The Libertines Galway Indie-Punk band The Clockworks make writing social commentary attached to a catchy hook look easy. The groups latest single “The World Owes Me A Favour” is some of their strongest writing to date and they are backing it up with Irish and UK dates.

Wedged full with precise comments and razor sharp observations The Clockworks take the Irish political system to task. And they do so while referencing some of the great Indie-Punk social commentators of recent times creating a sound that is International but is playing out in each of our living rooms. Rusangano Family did it from Limerick and now The Clockworks are embracing the values of punk to decry the current state of affairs in Ireland from outside the capital. Heralding a situation where meaningful commentary is being created in the vacuum left by Dublin demanding to be heard.

Catch The Clockworks when they play:
Aug 26 – 96/1 Festival, Cork
Sept 21 – Roisin Dubh, Galway

Watch the video for “Te World Owes Me A Favour” below