Review by Bobby Green

When Berry Gordy wrote Money (That’s What I Want) it became Berry’s 1st hit for his Motown career, it was notably covered by the Beatles and had the line, ‘The Best Things In Life Are Free’

The reason I mention all of the above is because Milky Teeth’s 1st release is the Beatlesque  ‘Sleepiness And Weary Wit’ and can be downloaded for free (Name Your Price) on the Milky Teeth Bandcamp Page. This throwback slice of dreamy popadelic pageantry is the perfect step into spring with its Trumpet (Dylan Howe) and Trombone (Paul Dunlea) accompaniment.

Milky Teeth came about when Robbie Barron (Cork band’s The Shaker Hymn and John Blek & The Rats, lead guitarist and vocalist) had some spare time on his hands. It was produced and mixed by Robbie Barron himself at Heavy Noids HQ. It gives us the first taste of what to expect from a full length release from Milky Teeth, which may see the light of day before 2017 is out.